Cuisinart vs. WW Popcorn Maker

As I am trying to eat better I have discovered a new trend in popping popcorn. So I purchased two different microwave popcorn poppers and decided to test them both out.

For the popcorn kernels, I used: Red Hill Yellow Popcorn $5.99

Popcorn Makers: Cuisinart vs WW



Both were very easy to measure, and to pop in the microwave.

However, the Cuisinart was the winner between the two and here is why:

  • Most of the kernels popped (I monitored the time in the microwave to when it started to slow between pops)

  • The lid was vented and allowed the steam to escape without burning my hands.

  • The popcorn itself tasted great except my mom said, “It needs a buttload of butter and salt to taste great!)

The #WW bowl was easy as well. The lid was more flexible and was placed in the bottom of the bowl. There was no containment so the popcorn spilled over into the microwave. The handles on the side of the WW bowl are EXTREMELY hot! They don’t mention this on the box so please be careful. The handles retained the heat for a solid 10 minutes after removal from the microwave. The popcorn tasted great as well.

I wasn’t paid for this review… it’s just pandemic boredom.

Stay safe and healthy friends!